MAPA Tuji izvajalci

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paco de lucia / celosa.5595.gp3
paco de lucia / el inclusero.5596.gp3
paco de lucia / el tempul.5597.gp3
paco de lucia / entre dos aguas.5603.gp3
paco de lucia / guajiras de lucia.5604.gp3
paco de lucia / los pinares.5605.gp3
paco de lucia / mi inspiration.5606.gp3
paco de lucia / panaderos flamencos.5607.gp3
paco de lucia / plaza alta.5608.gp4
paco de lucia / rio ancho.5609.gp3
paco de lucia / tempul.5612.gp3
paco de lucia / umbria.5613.gp3


pantera / domination.7306.gp3
pantera / fucking hostile.7285.txt
pantera / walk.7275.txt

papa roach / be free.5687.gp4
papa roach / between angels and insects.5688.gp4
papa roach / binge.5689.gp3
papa roach / blood.5692.gp4
papa roach / blood brothers.5693.gp3
papa roach / broken home.5694.gp3
papa roach / dead cell.5695.gp3
papa roach / decompression period.5696.gp3
papa roach / done with you.5698.gp4
papa roach / do or die.5697.gp4
papa roach / getting away with murder.5699.gp4
papa roach / gouge away.5702.gp3
papa roach / infest.5704.gp3
papa roach / last resort.5705.gp3
papa roach / life is a bullet.5706.gp4
papa roach / love hate tragedy.5707.gp4
papa roach / m 80.5708.gp4
papa roach / never enough.5709.gp4
papa roach / not listening.5710.gp4
papa roach / papa roach_no matter what.8231.gp5
papa roach / revenge.5713.gp4
papa roach / scars.5714.gp4
papa roach / she loves me not.5734.gp3
papa roach / singular indestructible droid.5735.gp3
papa roach / snakes.5736.gp4
papa roach / sometimes.5737.gp4
papa roach / take me.5738.gp4
papa roach / thrown away.5739.gp4
papa roach / tyranny of normality.5742.gp4
papa roach / walking thru barbed wire.5743.gp4
papa roach / white light.5715.gp3

paramore / Still into you.txt

pat metheny / sueno con mexico.3145.gp4

patti smith / because the night.1431.txt

paulina rubio / el ultimo adios.7255.txt

paul simon / baby driver.1712.gp3

pennywise / alien.6306.gp3
pennywise / american dream.6307.gp4
pennywise / bro hymn.6308.gp3
pennywise / can t believe it.6309.gp4
pennywise / change my mind.6310.gp4
pennywise / clear your head.6311.gp4
pennywise / closer.6312.gp4
pennywise / did you really.6313.gp3
pennywise / fuck authority.6314.gp4
pennywise / god save the usa.6315.gp4
pennywise / greed.6316.gp4
pennywise / holiday in the sun.6317.gp4
pennywise / knocked down.6318.gp4
pennywise / look who you are.6319.gp3
pennywise / minor threat.6360.gp4
pennywise / now i know.6361.gp4
pennywise / same old story.6362.gp3
pennywise / society.6363.gp4
pennywise / something to change.6364.gp4
pennywise / the kids.6365.gp4
pennywise / the world.6366.gp4
pennywise / this is only a test.6367.gp4
pennywise / victiom of reality.6368.gp3
pennywise / what if i.6369.gp4
pennywise / who s on your side.6370.gp4
pennywise / yell out.6371.gp4
pennywise / yesterdays.6372.gp4

percy sledge / when a man loves a woman.3176.txt

peter horton / toccata for a wild old lady.1229.gp4

pete seeger / if i had a hammer.5880.txt
pete seeger / where have all the flowers gone.5329.txt

pink / dear mr president.3695.txt
pink / don t let me get me.740.txt
pink / just like a pill.7577.txt

pink floyd / another brick in the wall.1467.gp3
pink floyd / any colour you like.3154.gp4
pink floyd / breathe.6855.txt
pink floyd / comfortably numb.3917.gp3
pink floyd / echoes.3915.gp4
pink floyd / hey you 1.1422.txt
pink floyd / hey you 2.1468.gp4
pink floyd / money.1469.gp4
pink floyd / sorrow.3916.gp4
pink floyd / the great gig in the sky.3918.gp4
pink floyd / time.1473.gp4
pink floyd / us and them.1472.gp4
pink floyd / whish you were here.6163.gp4

pixies / here comes your man.7282.txt
pixies / where is my mind.7280.txt

poets of the fall / carnival of rust 1.4145.gp5
poets of the fall / carnival of rust 2.7449.gp5
poets of the fall / clevermind.7450.gp5
poets of the fall / delicious 1.4144.gp5
poets of the fall / delicious 2.7451.gp5
poets of the fall / illusion and dream.4143.gp4
poets of the fall / lift.4142.gp4
poets of the fall / locking up the sun.7452.gp5
poets of the fall / overboard.7453.gp5
poets of the fall / passion colors everything.7454.gp5
poets of the fall / revolution roulette.7455.gp5
poets of the fall / shallow.7448.gp5
poets of the fall / the ultimate fling.7447.gp5

poison / every rose has it s torn.6999.gp3

pouges the / dirty old town.5663.txt

proclaimers / i m gonna be.7166.txt

propagandhi / anchorless.6649.gp4
propagandhi / back to the motor league.6660.gp4
propagandhi / hailie sellase up your ass.6661.gp4
propagandhi / less talk more rock.6662.gp4
propagandhi / purina hall of fame.6663.gp4
propagandhi / ska sucks.6664.gp4
propagandhi / stand up and be counted.6666.gp3

psychoparadox / my battle my life.6603.gp4
psychoparadox / where the sun is just a star.6604.gp4

puddle of mudd / she hates me.793.txt

pulley / crashed in.5747.gp4
pulley / gone.5748.gp4
pulley / mandigo.5749.gp4
pulley / second best.6295.gp4



queen / a night at the opera.3166.gp4
queen / another one bites the dust.6623.gp4
queen / bohemian rhapsody 1.1474.gp4
queen / bohemian rhapsody 2.6531.txt
queen / crazy little thing called love.6722.gp3
queen / friends will be friends.6529.txt
queen / it s late.7788.txt
queen / i want to break free.6530.txt
queen / love of my life.7469.txt
queen / son and daughter.5069.gp3
queen / these are the days of our lives.5064.gp3
queen / we are the champions 1.5063.gp3
queen / we are the champions 2.5066.gp3
queen / we will rock you.5067.gp3
queen / who needs you.5068.gp3




radiohead / creep 1.6725.gp4
radiohead / creep 2.6726.gp3
radiohead / fake plastic trees.6727.gp3


rainbow / since you.7632.gp5

ralph mctell / streets of london.5326.txt

rammstein / adios.5666.gp4
rammstein / amerika 1.4219.txt
rammstein / amerika 2.6642.gp4
rammstein / amour.6641.gp4
rammstein / asche zu asche.5667.gp4
rammstein / benzin.6643.gp4
rammstein / bestrafe mich.6833.gp4
rammstein / dalai lama.6834.gp4
rammstein / das alte leid.6835.gp4
rammstein / der meister.6836.gp3
rammstein / du hast 1.4216.txt
rammstein / du hast 2.5028.gp5
rammstein / du riechst so gut.6837.gp3
rammstein / eifersucht.6838.gp4
rammstein / feuer frei.5668.gp4
rammstein / feuerrader.6756.gp4
rammstein / heirate mich.6839.gp3
rammstein / herzeleid.6840.gp3
rammstein / keine lust.6645.gp4
rammstein / links 2 3 4.5273.gp3
rammstein / los.6644.gp4
rammstein / mann gegen mann 1.5277.gp3
rammstein / mann gegen mann 2.6646.gp4
rammstein / mein teil 1.5276.gp4
rammstein / mein teil 2.6647.gp4
rammstein / morgenstern.6640.gp4
rammstein / moskau.6841.gp4
rammstein / mutter.5279.gp3
rammstein / ohne dich.6842.gp4
rammstein / rammstein.6843.gp3
rammstein / reise reise.5669.gp4
rammstein / rosenrot.5278.gp4
rammstein / sehnsucht.5027.gp4
rammstein / spieluhr.5671.gp3
rammstein / tier.5026.gp3
rammstein / zwitter 1.4782.txt
rammstein / zwitter 2.5025.gp4

ramones / blitzkrieg bop.830.txt
ramones / judy is a punk.828.txt
ramones / pet semetary.1311.gp4
ramones / rockaway beach.829.txt
ramones / sheena is a punk rocker.827.txt
ramones / what a wonderful world.1312.gp3

rbd / rebelde.7314.txt

red hot chili peppers / 21st century.5896.txt
red hot chili peppers / around the world 2.5722.gp3
red hot chili peppers / arround the world 1.5013.txt
red hot chili peppers / breaking the girl 1.5015.txt
red hot chili peppers / breaking the girl 2.6197.gp5
red hot chili peppers / californication 1.305.txt
red hot chili peppers / californication 2.7073.gp3
red hot chili peppers / can t stop 1.5252.txt
red hot chili peppers / can t stop 2.5023.gp3
red hot chili peppers / charlie.5384.txt
red hot chili peppers / dani california 1.5024.gp4
red hot chili peppers / dani california 2.5718.gp4
red hot chili peppers / don t.5233.txt
red hot chili peppers / easily 1.5022.gp3
red hot chili peppers / easily 2.5234.txt
red hot chili peppers / fortune faded.5232.txt
red hot chili peppers / give it away.5016.txt
red hot chili peppers / havana affair.5014.txt
red hot chili peppers / if you have to ask.6198.gp5
red hot chili peppers / minor thing.5248.txt
red hot chili peppers / otherside 1.304.txt
red hot chili peppers / otherside 2.6892.gp3
red hot chili peppers / parallel universe.5258.txt
red hot chili peppers / road trippin.5017.txt
red hot chili peppers / scar tissue 1.5019.gp4
red hot chili peppers / scar tissue 2.5903.txt
red hot chili peppers / snow 1.5719.gp3
red hot chili peppers / snow 2.5957.gp5
red hot chili peppers / snow 3.5779.txt
red hot chili peppers / suck my kiss.5249.txt
red hot chili peppers / tell me baby.5958.gp4
red hot chili peppers / the power of equality.6196.gp5
red hot chili peppers / theyre red hot.6199.gp5
red hot chili peppers / under the bridge 1.1111.txt
red hot chili peppers / under the bridge 2.5417.gp4

refused / new noise.6468.gp4
refused / refused are fucking dead.6469.gp4
refused / summer holidays vs punk routine.6470.gp3
refused / the apollo programme was a hoax.6494.gp4
refused / the deadly rhythm.6467.gp3
refused / the shape of punk to come.6495.gp3
refused / worms of the senses.6496.gp4

rem / everybody hurts.5114.txt

rem / final straw.1662.txt
rem / losing my religion.310.txt

robbie williams / angels 1.4993.gp3
robbie williams / angels 2.5553.txt
robbie williams / cursed.3174.txt
robbie williams / revolution.3256.txt
robbie williams / she s the one.6524.gp3
robbie williams / something stupid.5395.gp3
robbie williams / supreme.5009.txt
robbie williams / the road to mandalay.5008.txt

roberta flack / killing me softly.6542.gp5

rob zombie / dragula.3223.gp3

rocco granata / marina 1.1165.gp4
rocco granata / marina 2.7842.sib

rod stewart / maggie may.1261.gp3

rolling stones / 19th nervous breakdown.925.txt
rolling stones / 2000 light years from home.899.txt
rolling stones / 2000 man.900.txt
rolling stones / all i want is my baby.926.txt
rolling stones / all sold out.901.txt
rolling stones / angie 1.766.txt
rolling stones / angie 2.3276.txt
rolling stones / anybody seen my baby.7020.gp4
rolling stones / back street girl.902.txt
rolling stones / blood red wine.874.txt
rolling stones / blue turns to grey.927.txt
rolling stones / child of the moon.875.txt
rolling stones / citadel.903.txt
rolling stones / complicated.904.txt
rolling stones / connection.905.txt
rolling stones / dandelion.906.txt
rolling stones / dear doctor.876.txt
rolling stones / doncha bother me.928.txt
rolling stones / drowntown suzie.877.txt
rolling stones / each and every day.929.txt
rolling stones / factory girl.878.txt
rolling stones / family.879.txt
rolling stones / flight 505.930.txt
rolling stones / gimme shelter.880.txt
rolling stones / gomper.907.txt
rolling stones / high and dry.931.txt
rolling stones / honky tonk women.881.txt
rolling stones / if you let me.908.txt
rolling stones / i m free.933.txt
rolling stones / i m going down.882.txt
rolling stones / I m waiting.932.txt
rolling stones / in another land.909.txt
rolling stones / it s not easy.934.txt
rolling stones / jig saw puzzle.883.txt
rolling stones / jumping jack flash.884.txt
rolling stones / lady jane.935.txt
rolling stones / let it bleed.885.txt
rolling stones / let's spend the night together.910.txt
rolling stones / live with me.886.txt
rolling stones / long live while.936.txt
rolling stones / looking tired.937.txt
rolling stones / memo from turner.887.txt
rolling stones / midnight rambler.888.txt
rolling stones / miss amanda jones.911.txt
rolling stones / monkey man.889.txt
rolling stones / mother s little helper.938.txt
rolling stones / my obsession.912.txt
rolling stones / no expectations.890.txt
rolling stones / one more try.939.txt
rolling stones / on with the show.913.txt
rolling stones / paint it black.824.txt
rolling stones / parachute woman.891.txt
rolling stones / play with fire.940.txt
rolling stones / please go home.914.txt
rolling stones / ride on baby.941.txt
rolling stones / ruby tuesday.915.txt
rolling stones / sad day.942.txt
rolling stones / salt of the earth.892.txt
rolling stones / satisfaction.943.txt
rolling stones / she s a rainbow.917.txt
rolling stones / she smiled sweetly.916.txt
rolling stones / simpathy for the devil.893.txt
rolling stones / sing this all together.918.txt
rolling stones / sister morphine.894.txt
rolling stones / sittin on a fence.944.txt
rolling stones / something happend to me yesterday.919.txt
rolling stones / some things just stick in your mind.945.txt
rolling stones / stray cat blues.895.txt
rolling stones / street fighting man.896.txt
rolling stones / stupid girl.946.txt
rolling stones / surprise surprise.947.txt
rolling stones / take it or leave it.948.txt
rolling stones / the lantern.920.txt
rolling stones / the last time.949.txt
rolling stones / the singer not the song.950.txt
rolling stones / the sleeping city.924.txt
rolling stones / the spider and the fly.951.txt
rolling stones / think.952.txt
rolling stones / under my thumb.953.txt
rolling stones / we love you.921.txt
rolling stones / we're wasting time.954.txt
rolling stones / what to do.955.txt
rolling stones / whoes driving your plane.956.txt
rolling stones / who s been sleeping here.922.txt
rolling stones / wild horses.7021.gp4
rolling stones / yesterday s papers.923.txt
rolling stones / you can t always get what you want.897.txt
rolling stones / you got the silver.898.txt

rory gallagher / a million miles away.6825.gp4
rory gallagher / bad penny.6826.gp4
rory gallagher / do you read me.6828.gp4
rory gallagher / laundromat live.6829.gp4
rory gallagher / messin with the kid.6830.gp4

roy orbison / blue bayou.3348.txt
roy orbison / california blue.3353.txt
roy orbison / crying.5837.txt
roy orbison / in dreams.5881.txt
roy orbison / pretty woman.3347.txt
roy orbison / you got it.3349.txt

rush / dreamline.3153.gp4



sandi thom / i wish i was punk rocker.4232.txt


santana / black magic woman 1.1559.gp4
santana / black magic woman 2.2535.txt
santana / cry baby cry.4385.txt
santana / samba pa ti.1595.txt

scissor sisters / take your mama.3234.txt
scissor sisters / the skins.3449.txt

scorpions / always somewhere.1716.gp3
scorpions / scorpions_humanity.8208.gp5
scorpions / send me an angel.1715.gtp
scorpions / still loving you.1714.gtp
scorpions / wind of change.770.txt

scott mckenzie / san francisco.1442.gp4

sepultura / mass hypnosis.6658.gp4
sepultura / propaganda.6659.gp4
sepultura / refuse resist.6656.gp4
sepultura / roots bloody roots.6657.gp3

sex pistols / anarchy in uk.1713.gp3
sex pistols / god saves the queen.1282.gp3
sex pistols / silly thing.1755.gp4

shakin stevens / cry just a little bit.7121.txt

shapeshifters / lola s theme 1.6904.gp5
shapeshifters / lola s theme 2.6905.gp4

simon and garfunkel / the sound of silence.8223.txt

simple plan / addicted to you.1430.txt
simple plan / perfect.1594.txt
simple plan / untitled.7214.txt
simple plan / welcome to my life.5815.txt
sixpence none the richer / kiss me.4344.gp3

ska p / canabis.2793.gp4
ska p / el gato lopez.2794.gp4
ska p / resistencia.4877.gp3
ska p / wellcome to hell.4878.gp4

skid row / 18 and life.7607.gp4

skunk anansie / cheap honesty.3933.gp5

slayer / 213.6022.gp4
slayer / abolish government.6023.gp4
slayer / aggresivve perfector 1.6024.gp3
slayer / aggresivve perfector 2.6025.gp3
slayer / altars of sacrifice.6026.gp3
slayer / angel of death.6027.gp4
slayer / at down they sleep.6028.gp3
slayer / behind the crooked cross.6029.gp4
slayer / bitter peace.6030.gp3
slayer / black magic.6031.gp4
slayer / bloodline.6033.gp3
slayer / blood red.6032.gp3
slayer / born of fire.6034.gp3
slayer / can t stand you.6035.gp4
slayer / captor of sin.6036.gp3
slayer / chemical warfare.6037.gp4
slayer / cleanse the soul.6038.gp3
slayer / criminally insane.6039.gp4
slayer / crionics.6040.gp4
slayer / crypts of eternity.6041.gp4
slayer / cult.6042.gp3
slayer / ddam drunk drivers against mad mothers 1.6043.gp4
slayer / ddam drunk drivers against mad mothers 2.6044.gp3
slayer / dead skin mask 1.6045.gp4
slayer / dead skin mask 2.6046.gp3
slayer / deaths head 1.6048.gp4
slayer / deaths head 2.6049.gp3
slayer / die by the sword.6050.gp3
slayer / disciple.6051.gp4
slayer / disitegration.6052.gp3
slayer / dissident aggressor.6053.gp3
slayer / dittohead.6054.gp3
slayer / divine intervention.6055.gp3
slayer / epidemic.6075.gp3
slayer / evil has no boundaries.6091.gp3
slayer / expendable youth.6076.gp3
slayer / fight till death.6077.gp3
slayer / flesh storm.6078.gp3
slayer / gemini.6079.gp4
slayer / ghost of war.6080.gp3
slayer / god send death.6081.gp4
slayer / hallowed point.6082.gp3
slayer / haunting the chapel.6083.gp3
slayer / hell awaits 1.6084.gp3
slayer / hell awaits 2.6085.gp4
slayer / here comes the pain.6086.gp4
slayer / i hate you.6087.gp4
slayer / i m gonna be your god.6088.gp4
slayer / in the name of god.6089.gp4
slayer / jesus saves.6090.gp3
slayer / jihad.6137.gp3
slayer / kill again.6138.gp3
slayer / live undead.6139.gp3
slayer / mandatory suicide.6140.gp4
slayer / memories of tomorrow.6141.gp3
slayer / metal storm face the slayer.6142.gp3
slayer / necrophiliac.6143.gp4
slayer / new faith.6159.gp4
slayer / read between the lines.6149.gp3
slayer / reborn.6150.gp3
slayer / screaming from the sky.6151.gp4
slayer / season in the abyss.6152.gp3
slayer / serenity in murders.6153.gp4
slayer / seven faces.6154.gp3
slayer / sex murder art.6155.gp4
slayer / show no mercy.6156.gp3
slayer / silent scream.6157.gp3
slayer / skeletons of society.6158.gp3
slayer / south of heaven.6160.gp3
slayer / spill the blood.6161.gp3
slayer / spirit in black.6162.gp3

smashing pumpkins / 1979.6650.gp3
smashing pumpkins / aeroplane flies high.6668.gp3
smashing pumpkins / age of innocence.6669.gp3
smashing pumpkins / annie dog.6671.gp3
smashing pumpkins / apples oranjes.6673.gp3
smashing pumpkins / ava adore.6674.gp3
smashing pumpkins / beautiful.6679.gp3
smashing pumpkins / belive.6680.gp3
smashing pumpkins / blank page.6681.gp3
smashing pumpkins / blast.6682.gp3
smashing pumpkins / blue.6683.gp4
smashing pumpkins / bodies.6684.gp3
smashing pumpkins / bullet with butterfly wings.6685.gp3
smashing pumpkins / bury me.6686.gp4
smashing pumpkins / bye june.6697.gp3
smashing pumpkins / by starlight.6687.gp3
smashing pumpkins / cherub rock.6698.gp3
smashing pumpkins / clones.6699.gp3
smashing pumpkins / c mon.6700.gp4
smashing pumpkins / crestfallen.6701.gp3
smashing pumpkins / crush.6702.gp4
smashing pumpkins / cupid de locke.6703.gp3
smashing pumpkins / czarina.6704.gp3
smashing pumpkins / day dream.6705.gp3
smashing pumpkins / disarm.6706.gp3
smashing pumpkins / drown.6707.gp4
smashing pumpkins / east.6708.gp3
smashing pumpkins / eye.6709.gp4
smashing pumpkins / farewell and goodnight.6711.gp3
smashing pumpkins / for martha.6712.gp4
smashing pumpkins / frail and bedazzled.6713.gp3
smashing pumpkins / fuck you.6710.gp3
smashing pumpkins / geek usa.6715.gp3
smashing pumpkins / gelapogos.6714.gp3
smashing pumpkins / girl named sandoz.6716.gp4
smashing pumpkins / glass theme.6717.gp3
smashing pumpkins / glimpses.6718.gp4
smashing pumpkins / heavy metal machine.6719.gp3
smashing pumpkins / hello kitty kat.6720.gp3
smashing pumpkins / here is no why.6721.gp3
smashing pumpkins / honeyspider.6740.gp4
smashing pumpkins / hummer.6741.gp3
smashing pumpkins / i am one.6742.gp4
smashing pumpkins / i m going crazy.6744.gp3
smashing pumpkins / i of the mourning.6743.gp3
smashing pumpkins / jellybelly.6745.gp3
smashing pumpkins / landslide.6746.gp3
smashing pumpkins / lily.6747.gp3
smashing pumpkins / love.6748.gp3
smashing pumpkins / luna.6754.gp3
smashing pumpkins / marquis in spades.6762.gp3
smashing pumpkins / mayonaise.6764.gp4
smashing pumpkins / mellon collie and the infinite sadness.6763.gp3
smashing pumpkins / mellon collie reprise.6766.gp3
smashing pumpkins / mouth of babes.6765.gp3
smashing pumpkins / muzzle.6767.gp3
smashing pumpkins / pennies.6768.gp4
smashing pumpkins / perfect.6769.gp3
smashing pumpkins / pissant.6770.gp3
smashing pumpkins / plume.6771.gp3
smashing pumpkins / porcelina of the vast oceans.6750.gp3
smashing pumpkins / quiet.6751.gp3
smashing pumpkins / rhinoceros.6752.gp4
smashing pumpkins / rocket.6753.gp4
smashing pumpkins / silverfuck.6772.gp3
smashing pumpkins / sinfony.6773.gp3
smashing pumpkins / siva.6774.gp3
smashing pumpkins / slunk.6775.gp4
smashing pumpkins / snail.6776.gp4
smashing pumpkins / soma.6778.gp4
smashing pumpkins / soothe.6779.gp3
smashing pumpkins / soul power.6780.gp4
smashing pumpkins / spaceboy.6781.gp3
smashing pumpkins / spiteface.6782.gp4
smashing pumpkins / stand inside your love.6783.gp3
smashing pumpkins / starla.6784.gp3
smashing pumpkins / stp.6785.gp4
smashing pumpkins / stumbiliene.6786.gp3
smashing pumpkins / sweet sweet.6787.gp3
smashing pumpkins / take me down.6788.gp3
smashing pumpkins / tales from a scorched earth.6789.gp3
smashing pumpkins / tear.6790.gp3
smashing pumpkins / the end is the beginning is the end.6791.gp3
smashing pumpkins / the everlasting gaze.6792.gp3
smashing pumpkins / thirty three.6793.gp3
smashing pumpkins / thru the eyes of ruby.6794.gp3
smashing pumpkins / today.6797.gp4
smashing pumpkins / to forgive.6795.gp3
smashing pumpkins / tonight tonight.6798.gp4
smashing pumpkins / tonite reprise.6799.gp4
smashing pumpkins / to sheila.6796.gp4
smashing pumpkins / tribute to johnny.6800.gp3
smashing pumpkins / tristessa.6801.gp4
smashing pumpkins / try try try.6802.gp3
smashing pumpkins / untitled.6803.gp3
smashing pumpkins / we only come out at night.6804.gp3
smashing pumpkins / where boys fear to tread.6805.gp3
smashing pumpkins / window paine.6806.gp3
smashing pumpkins / xyu.6761.gp3
smashing pumpkins / you re all i ve got tonight.6760.gp3
smashing pumpkins / zero.6757.gp3

snow patrol / set the fire to the third bar.6617.txt

sonata arctica / black sheep 1.4148.gp3
sonata arctica / black sheep 2.4149.gp3
sonata arctica / blank file.4152.gp3
sonata arctica / destruction preventer.4153.gp3
sonata arctica / fullmoon 1.4154.gp3
sonata arctica / fullmoon 2.4155.gp3
sonata arctica / i want out.4156.gp3
sonata arctica / kingdom for a heart 1.4158.gp3
sonata arctica / kingdom for a heart 2.4159.gp3
sonata arctica / last drop falls.4162.gp3
sonata arctica / letter to dana 1.4163.gp3
sonata arctica / letter to dana 2.4164.gp3
sonata arctica / mary lou.4165.gp3
sonata arctica / my land 1.4166.gp3
sonata arctica / my land 2.4167.gp4
sonata arctica / peacemaker.4168.gp3
sonata arctica / replica.4169.gp3
sonata arctica / revontulet.4172.gp3
sonata arctica / san sebastian.4173.gp3
sonata arctica / shy.4174.gp3
sonata arctica / still loving you.4176.gp3
sonata arctica / tallulah.4177.gp3
sonata arctica / the cage.4178.gp3
sonata arctica / the misery.4179.gp3
sonata arctica / the power of one.4175.gp4
sonata arctica / victoria s secret 1.4182.gp4
sonata arctica / victoria s secret 2.4183.gp4
sonata arctica / victoria s secret 3.4184.gp4
sonata arctica / weballergy 1.4185.gp3
sonata arctica / weballergy 2.4186.gp4

sparks / never turn your back on mother earth.5895.txt

staind / so far away.7477.gp5

stanley myers / cavatina.3142.gp4

status quo / 4500 times.5205.gp3
status quo / backwater.5206.gp4
status quo / caroline.5203.gp3
status quo / in my chair.5204.gp3

steppenwolf / born to be wild 1.1832.gp4
steppenwolf / born to be wild 2.4378.txt
steppenwolf / born to be wild 3.3889.txt

stevie ray vaughan / cold shot.3237.gp3
stevie ray vaughan / i wanna testify.3238.gp3
stevie ray vaughan / lenny.3239.gp3
stevie ray vaughan / love struck baby.3242.gp3
stevie ray vaughan / mary had a little lamb.3243.gp3
stevie ray vaughan / pride and joy.3244.gp3
stevie ray vaughan / scuttle buttin.3245.gp3
stevie ray vaughan / shuffle.3246.gp3
stevie ray vaughan / the house is rockin.3247.gp3
stevie ray vaughan / the sky is crying.3248.gp3
stevie ray vaughan / tightrope.3249.gp3

sting / brand new day.1607.gp3

strokes the / juicebox.4083.gp5
strokes the / the end has no end 1.4084.gp4
strokes the / the end has no end 2.4085.gp4
strokes the / the end has no end 3.4086.gp4
strokes the / you only live once 1.4087.gp4
strokes the / you only live once 2.4088.gp4

strung out / asking for the world.6062.gp4
strung out / mind of my own.6063.gp4
strung out / never speak again.6064.gp4
strung out / the misanthropic principle.6065.gp4
strung out / too close to see.6066.gp4
strung out / vampires.6067.gp4
strung out / velvet alley.6068.gp3

styx / boat on the river.3339.gp4

sum 41 / anic.5349.txt
sum 41 / fat lip.5348.txt
sum 41 / no brains.5352.txt
sum 41 / over my head.5353.txt
sum 41 / pieces.819.txt
sum 41 / some say.820.txt
sum 41 / theres no solution.5354.txt
sum 41 / were all to blame.5355.txt

sunrise avenue / fairytale gone bad 1.7128.txt
sunrise avenue / fairytale gone bad 2.7773.gp5

supertramp / if everyone was listening.3208.gp4

susan vega / luka.7089.gp5

system of a down / 36.6239.gp3
system of a down / aerials.6637.txt
system of a down / atwa.3650.gp3
system of a down / bounce.3651.gp3
system of a down / chop suey.1275.gp3
system of a down / cubert.3652.gp3
system of a down / darts.3653.gp3
system of a down / ddevil.3654.gp3
system of a down / deer dance.3655.gp3
system of a down / forest.3656.gp3
system of a down / fuck the system.3657.gp3
system of a down / goodbye blue sky.3658.gp3
system of a down / innervision.3659.gp3
system of a down / lost in hollywood.1273.gp4
system of a down / marmalade.3663.gp3
system of a down / needles.3664.gp3
system of a down / pluck.3665.gp3
system of a down / psycho.3666.gp3
system of a down / radio video.1274.gp4
system of a down / roulette.1110.txt
system of a down / science.3667.gp3
system of a down / shame on a nigga.3668.gp3
system of a down / shimmy.3669.gp3
system of a down / spiders.3672.gp3
system of a down / storaged.3673.gp3
system of a down / sugar.3674.gp3
system of a down / suggestions.3675.gp3
system of a down / suite pee.3676.gp3
system of a down / the metro.3677.gp3
system of a down / toxicity.3678.gp3
system of a down / war.3679.gp3



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