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gabrielle / out of reach.5732.txt


gamma ray / my temple.3155.gp4

garbage / cherry lips.4129.gp4
garbage / medication.4132.gp4
garbage / not my idea.4133.gp3
garbage / only happy when it rains.4134.gp3
garbage / push it.4135.gp4
garbage / queer.4136.gp3
garbage / run baby run.4137.gp4
garbage / special 1.4138.gp3
garbage / special 2.4139.gp4
garbage / why do you love me.5949.gp5

gary jules / mad world klavir.7859.gp5

gary moore / empty rooms.2783.gtp
gary moore / end of the world.2784.gtp
gary moore / one day.2785.gp3
gary moore / over the hills and far away.2788.gtp
gary moore / parisienne walkways.2786.gp3
gary moore / separate ways.2787.gp3
gary moore / shapes of things.2789.gtp
gary moore / still got the blues.1459.gp3
gary moore / the loner.2790.gtp
gary moore / walking by myself.2791.gtp

gave drohl / a je to.3883.gp3

george harrison / my sweet lord 1.5480.txt
george harrison / my sweet lord 2.5482.txt

goo goo dolls / artie.1592.txt

green day / 16.6327.gp3
green day / all by myself.2489.gp3
green day / american idiot.6857.gp4
green day / are we the waiting.2493.gp4
green day / armatage shanks.6328.gp3
green day / at the library.6329.gp3
green day / basket case 1.768.txt
green day / basket case 2.1045.gp3
green day / boulevard of broken dreams 1.229.txt
green day / boulevard of broken dreams 2.1659.txt
green day / boulevard of broken dreams 3.2495.gp4
green day / brain stew.6330.gp3
green day / burnout.6394.txt
green day / castaway.6331.gp3
green day / disappearing boy.6332.gp3
green day / dont leave me.6333.gp3
green day / dry ice.6334.gp3
green day / eminius sleepus.6335.gp3
green day / espionage.6336.gp3
green day / extraorinary girl.2497.gp4
green day / f o d.2498.gp4
green day / geek stink breath.6337.gp3
green day / give me novacaine.2499.gp4
green day / good riddance.5018.gp3
green day / green day.6338.gp3
green day / ha ha youre dead.6340.gp3
green day / hichin a ride.6341.gp3
green day / holiday.818.txt
green day / i was there.6342.gp3
green day / jaded.6344.gp3
green day / jesus of suburbia.2503.gp4
green day / king for a day.2504.gp4
green day / letterbomb.2505.gp4
green day / longview 1.2506.gp3
green day / longview 2.6395.txt
green day / macys day parade.6345.gp3
green day / maria.2507.gp4
green day / minority.2508.gp3
green day / nice guys finish last.6346.gp3
green day / no one knows.6430.txt
green day / no pride.6348.gp3
green day / one for the razorbacks.6349.gp3
green day / platypus.6350.gp3
green day / poprock and coke.2509.gp4
green day / posthetic head.6351.gp3
green day / redundant.6352.gp3
green day / she 1.3149.txt
green day / she 2.6353.gp3
green day / st jimmy.2512.gp4
green day / stuart and the ave.6354.gp3
green day / stuck with me.6355.gp3
green day / sweet children.6431.txt
green day / the ballad of wilhelm fink.6321.txt
green day / the grouch.6339.gp3
green day / the judges doughter.6356.gp3
green day / time of your life.3516.txt
green day / uptight.6652.txt
green day / waiting.2513.gp3
green day / wake me up when september ends.1182.txt
green day / walking alone.6429.txt
green day / walking contradiction.2514.gp4
green day / warning.2515.gp4
green day / watsername.2516.gp4
green day / welcome to paradise.6357.gp3
green day / when i come around 1.3157.txt
green day / when i come around 2.6358.gp3
green day / who wrote holden caulfield.2517.gp4

guano apes / big in japan.4065.gp4
guano apes / break the line.3932.gp5
guano apes / crossing the deadline.4066.gp4
guano apes / dont you turn your back on me.4067.gp4
guano apes / electric nights.4068.gp4
guano apes / kiss the dawn.4069.gp4
guano apes / lords of the boards.4071.gp3
guano apes / no speech.4073.gp3
guano apes / open your eyes.4074.gp3
guano apes / pretty in scarlet.4076.gp4
guano apes / quietly 1.4077.gp4
guano apes / quietly 2.4079.gp4

guns n roses / 14 years.2678.gtp
guns n roses / aint it fun.4333.txt
guns n roses / back off bitch.2679.gtp
guns n roses / coma.2682.gtp
guns n roses / dont cry 1.1436.gp3
guns n roses / dont cry 2.4852.txt
guns n roses / dont cry fingerstyle.7690.gp5
guns n roses / down on the farm.2683.gtp
guns n roses / estranged.2684.gtp
guns n roses / garden of eden.2685.gtp
guns n roses / human being.4701.gp3
guns n roses / knockin on heavens door 1.869.txt
guns n roses / knockin on heavens door 2.5362.txt
guns n roses / live and let die 1.4334.txt
guns n roses / live and let die 2.4335.txt
guns n roses / my michelle.4726.gp3
guns n roses / new rose.4727.gp3
guns n roses / nice boys.4728.gp4
guns n roses / nightrain.4729.gp3
guns n roses / november rain 1.866.txt
guns n roses / november rain 2.1827.gp4
guns n roses / out ta get me.4733.gp3
guns n roses / paradise city 1.4329.txt
guns n roses / patience 1.867.txt
guns n roses / patience 2.1828.gp4
guns n roses / patience 3.7099.txt
guns n roses / perfect crime.4734.gp3
guns n roses / pretty tied up.4735.gp3
guns n roses / raw power.4736.gp3
guns n roses / reckless life.4737.gp3
guns n roses / right next door to hell.4738.gp4
guns n roses / rocket queen.4739.gp4
guns n roses / sex drugs and rocknroll.4222.txt
guns n roses / shotgun blues.4740.gp3
guns n roses / since i dont have you 1.870.txt
guns n roses / since i dont have you 2.4741.gp3
guns n roses / so fine.4742.gtp
guns n roses / spanish.4743.gp4
guns n roses / sweet child o mine 1.1438.gp4
guns n roses / sweet child o mine 2.4744.gp3
guns n roses / sweet child o mine 3.868.txt
guns n roses / the garden.4745.gp3
guns n roses / the godfather theme.4230.txt
guns n roses / think about you.4746.gp4
guns n roses / this i love.7519.txt
guns n roses / used to love her.4747.gp3
guns n roses / welcome to the jungle 1.4748.gp4
guns n roses / welcome to the jungle 2.4749.gp4
guns n roses / yesterdays.4751.gp3
guns n roses / you aint the first.4752.gp3
guns n roses / you are crazy.4754.gp3



h2o / everready.6302.gp4
h2o / i see it in us.6303.gp4
h2o / like a prayer.6304.gp4
h2o / memory lane.6305.gp4


hammerfall / allways wil be.2518.gp3
hammerfall / at the end of the rainbow.2519.gp4
hammerfall / destined for glory.3718.gp3
hammerfall / eternal dark.3719.gp3
hammerfall / hammerfall.2522.gp3
hammerfall / hammerfall medley.3722.gp4
hammerfall / hearts on fire v1.2523.gp4
hammerfall / hearts on fire v2.3723.gp4
hammerfall / heeding the call.3724.gp3
hammerfall / in memoriam.3725.gp3
hammerfall / legacy of kings v1.2524.gp4
hammerfall / legacy of kings v2.3726.gp3
hammerfall / let the hammer fall.2525.gp4
hammerfall / living in victory.3727.gp3
hammerfall / lore of the arcane.3728.gp4
hammerfall / remember yesterday v1.2526.gp4
hammerfall / remember yesterday v2.3729.gp3
hammerfall / renegade.2527.gp4
hammerfall / riders of the storm.1754.gp4
hammerfall / stronger than all.3732.gp3
hammerfall / templars of steel.3733.gp3
hammerfall / the dragon lies bleeding v1.2528.gp3
hammerfall / the dragon lies bleeding v2.3734.gp3
hammerfall / the fallen one.2529.gp4
hammerfall / the way of the warrior.3735.gp3
hammerfall / trailblazers.3736.gp4

helloween / mrs god.3215.gp4

him / burry me deep inside your heart.7639.gp3
him / you are the one.7621.gp5

huget adria / pink panther.1416.txt



iggy pop / candy.309.txt


ignite / live for better days.5211.txt
ignite / veteran.4720.gp4

incubus / drive.6737.gp3

in extremo / vollmond.6807.gp3

in flames / another day in quicksand v1.3957.gp4
in flames / another day in quicksand v2.3975.gp3
in flames / biosphere.3958.gp5
in flames / borders and shading.3959.gp4
in flames / come clarity.3962.gp4
in flames / crawl through knives.4064.gp5
in flames / dial 595 escape.3963.gp4
in flames / discover me like emptiness.3964.gp4
in flames / drifter.3965.gp3
in flames / episode 666.3976.gp3
in flames / evil in a closet v1.3977.gp4
in flames / evil in a closet v2.7425.gp5
in flames / free fall.3979.gp3
in flames / friend.3978.gp4
in flames / minus.3982.gp4
in flames / my sweet shadow.3956.gp4
in flames / reflect the storm.3983.gp5
in flames / reroute to remain.3984.gp3
in flames / satellites and astronauts.3985.gp3
in flames / scream.3986.gp5
in flames / superhero of the computer rage.3987.gp4
in flames / system.3988.gp4
in flames / take this life.3989.gp4
in flames / your bedtime story is scaring everyone.3993.gp5
in flames / zombie inc.3994.gp4

iron maiden / 2am.3764.gp3
iron maiden / aces high.3765.gp3
iron maiden / afraid to shoot strangers.3766.gp3
iron maiden / art of janick gers.3767.gp3
iron maiden / back in the village.3768.gp3
iron maiden / be quick or be dead v1.3769.gp3
iron maiden / be quick or be dead v2.4382.txt
iron maiden / blood brothers v1.3770.gp3
iron maiden / blood brothers v2.4209.gp4
iron maiden / blood brothers v3.5948.txt
iron maiden / brave new world v1.4383.txt
iron maiden / brave new world v2.3771.gp3
iron maiden / brave new world v3.6897.gp4
iron maiden / bring you daughter to the slaughter.gp4
iron maiden / burning ambition.3773.gp3
iron maiden / can i play with madness.3774.gp3
iron maiden / chains of misery.3776.gp3
iron maiden / charlotte the harlot.3777.gp3
iron maiden / communication breakdown.3779.gp3
iron maiden / como estais amigo.3780.gp3
iron maiden / dance of death.4384.txt
iron maiden / fear of the dark v1.3783.gp3
iron maiden / fear of the dark v2.4192.txt
iron maiden / flash of the blade.3784.gp3
iron maiden / flight of icarus.3785.gp3
iron maiden / fortunes of war.3786.gp3
iron maiden / futureal.3788.gp4
iron maiden / gangland.3789.gp3
iron maiden / hallowed by the name.3792.gp3
iron maiden / hocks in you.3794.gp3
iron maiden / holy smoke.3793.gp3
iron maiden / infinite dreams.3796.gp3
iron maiden / innocent exile.3797.gp3
iron maiden / invaders.3798.gp3
iron maiden / invasion.3799.gp3
iron maiden / iron children of the damned.3778.gp3
iron maiden / juanita.3801.gp4
iron maiden / judgement of heaven.3193.gp3
iron maiden / justice of the peace.3804.gp3
iron maiden / killers v1.3806.gp3
iron maiden / killers v2.3189.gtp
iron maiden / kill me ce soir.3805.gp3
iron maiden / lightning strike twice.3807.gp3
iron maiden / look for the truth.3808.gp3
iron maiden / lord of the flies.3809.gp3
iron maiden / massacre.3812.gp3
iron maiden / moonchild.3813.gp3
iron maiden / mother russia.3814.gp3
iron maiden / murders in the rue morgue v1.3815.gp3
iron maiden / murders in the rue morgue v2.3816.gp3
iron maiden / my generation.3817.gp3
iron maiden / no prayer for the dying.3818.gp3
iron maiden / only the good die young.3819.gp3
iron maiden / phantom of the opera.6648.gp3
iron maiden / posso te esperar.3822.gp3
iron maiden / powerslave.3823.gp4
iron maiden / prodigal son v1.3824.gp3
iron maiden / prodigal son v2.7186.txt
iron maiden / prowler.3825.gp3
iron maiden / purgatory.3826.gp3
iron maiden / quest for fire.3827.gp3
iron maiden / rainmaker.5783.gp5
iron maiden / remember tomorrow.3828.gp3
iron maiden / revelations.3829.gp3
iron maiden / running free.3834.gp3
iron maiden / run to the hills.3833.gp3
iron maiden / sanctuary.3835.gp3
iron maiden / sea of madness.3196.gp3
iron maiden / sign of the cross live solo.3837.gp3
iron maiden / son of a gun.3838.gp3
iron maiden / stranger in a strange land.3839.gp3
iron maiden / sun and steel.3842.gp3
iron maiden / tailgunner.3843.gp3
iron maiden / that girl solo.3844.gp3
iron maiden / the aftermath.3845.gp3
iron maiden / the apparition.3846.gp3
iron maiden / the assassin.3847.gp3
iron maiden / the clairvoyant.3848.gp3
iron maiden / the clansman.3849.gp3
iron maiden / the edge of darkness.3852.gp3
iron maiden / the evil that men do.3853.gp3
iron maiden / the fallen angel.3854.gp3
iron maiden / the fugitive.3855.gp3
iron maiden / the ideas of march.3856.gp4
iron maiden / the loneliness of the long distance runner.3857.gp3
iron maiden / the mercenary.3858.gp3
iron maiden / the nomad.3859.gp3
iron maiden / the prophecy.3862.gp3
iron maiden / the thin line between love and hate.3863.gp3
iron maiden / the trooper.3864.gp3
iron maiden / the unbeliever.3865.gp3
iron maiden / the wicker man.3866.gp3
iron maiden / total eclipse.3868.gp3
iron maiden / to tame a land.3867.gp3
iron maiden / transylvania.3869.gp3
iron maiden / virus.3871.gp3
iron maiden / wasted years.3199.gp3
iron maiden / wasting love.3873.gp3
iron maiden / weekend warrior.3874.gp3
iron maiden / where eagles die.3875.gp3
iron maiden / women in uniform.3876.gp3



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