MAPA Tuji izvajalci

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abba / as good as new.6957.txt
abba / chiquitita.1805.txt
abba / dancing queen.1806.txt
abba / fernando 2.7805.sib
abba / fernardo 1.1807.txt
abba / gimme gimme gimme 1.6481.gp5
abba / gimme gimme gimme 2.6533.gp4
abba / ive been waiting for you.6532.gp4
abba / mamma mia.1809.txt
abba / money money money.4895.gp3
abba / my love my life.4897.gp3
abba / sos.1808.txt


ac dc / all screwed up.6497.gp3
ac dc / are you ready.6498.gp3
ac dc / baby please dont go.6499.gp3
ac dc / back in back 1.1281.gp3
ac dc / back in black 2.1265.gp3
ac dc / back in black 3.6488.gp5
ac dc / bad boy boogie.4244.gp4
ac dc / ballbreaker.6500.gp4
ac dc / beating around the bush.6501.gp4
ac dc / big balls.4245.gp3
ac dc / bonny.4246.gp3
ac dc / burnin alive.6502.gp3
ac dc / cant stand still.6504.gp4
ac dc / cant stop rock n roll.6505.gp4
ac dc / c o d.6503.gp4
ac dc / damned.4247.gp3
ac dc / dirty deeds done dirt cheap.4248.gp4
ac dc / dog eat dog.4249.gp3
ac dc / gimme a bullet.6506.gp4
ac dc / hail ceasar.4252.gp3
ac dc / hard as a rock.4253.gp4
ac dc / heatseeker.4254.gp4
ac dc / hell aint a bad place to be.4255.gp3
ac dc / hells bells.1266.gp4
ac dc / high voltage.4256.gp3
ac dc / highway to hell 1.2537.txt
ac dc / highway to hell 2.1267.gp3
ac dc / highway to hell 3.6489.gp5
ac dc / jailbreak.6913.gp3
ac dc / let me put my love into you.4257.gp3
ac dc / little lover.4258.gp3
ac dc / meltdown.4261.gp3
ac dc / problem child.4263.gp4
ac dc / riff raff.6881.gp3
ac dc / rocker.2538.txt
ac dc / rock n roll aint noise pollution.6910.txt
ac dc / sattelite blues.4264.gp3
ac dc / shoot to thrill.4265.gp3
ac dc / shot down in flames.4266.gp4
ac dc / sin city.4267.gp3
ac dc / stiff upper lip 1.4268.gp3
ac dc / stiff upper lip 2.6490.gp5
ac dc / the razors edge.4269.gp3
ac dc / thunderstruck 1.6491.gp5
ac dc / thunderstruck 2.6893.gp3
ac dc / tnt 1.6492.gp5
ac dc / tnt 2.1268.gp3
ac dc / whole lotta rosie.4272.gp4
ac dc / you shock me all night long 1.1283.gp4
ac dc / you shock me all night long 2.6493.gp5

ace of base / beautiful life.5036.gp3
ace of base / happy nation.5037.gp3
ace of base / lucky love.5038.gp3
ace of base / wheels of fortune.5039.gp3

adriano celentano / confessa.2723.gp4
adriano celentano / il ragazzo della qluck.2725.gp4
adriano celentano / i want to know.2724.gp3
adriano celentano / preghero.2726.gp3

aerosmith / aint that a bich.1054.txt
aerosmith / amazing 1.1047.txt
aerosmith / amazing 2.1284.gp3
aerosmith / amazing 3.6482.gp5
aerosmith / angel.1055.txt
aerosmith / avant garden.1056.txt
aerosmith / crazy.6484.gp5
aerosmith / dream on.6485.gp5
aerosmith / i dont want to miss a thing 1.723.txt
aerosmith / i dont want to miss a thing 2.6525.gp3
aerosmith / kiss your past goodbye.3203.gtp
aerosmith / pink.6486.gp5
aerosmith / walk this way 1.3204.gp4
aerosmith / walk this way 2.3207.gp3
aerosmith / what kind of love are you on.3206.gtp

alan jackson / there goes.1593.txt

albin weingerl / miska.2918.gp4

alice cooper / im eighteen.1285.gp3
alice cooper / no more mr nice.1286.gp4
alice cooper / poison 1.791.txt
alice cooper / poison 2.1264.gp3
alice cooper / schools out.1287.gp4

alice in chains / again 1.621.txt
alice in chains / again 2.5801.gp3
alice in chains / a little bitter.622.txt
alice in chains / am i inside 1.623.txt
alice in chains / am i inside 2.624.txt
alice in chains / am i inside 3.5802.gp3
alice in chains / angry chair 1.625.txt
alice in chains / angry chair 2.5803.gp3
alice in chains / bleed the freek 1.626.txt
alice in chains / bleed the freek 2.5805.gp3
alice in chains / brother 1.627.txt
alice in chains / brother 2.5806.gp3
alice in chains / brush away.628.txt
alice in chains / chemical addiction.629.txt
alice in chains / confusion.630.txt
alice in chains / dam that river 1.631.txt
alice in chains / dam that river 2.5808.gp3
alice in chains / died.632.txt
alice in chains / dirt.633.txt
alice in chains / dirty.5809.gp3
alice in chains / dont follow 1.634.txt
alice in chains / dont follow 2.5810.gp3
alice in chains / down in a hole 1.635.txt
alice in chains / down in a hole 2.636.txt
alice in chains / down in a hole 3.5811.gp3
alice in chains / fear the voices.637.txt
alice in chains / frogs 1.638.txt
alice in chains / frogs 2.639.txt
alice in chains / get born again.640.txt
alice in chains / god am.641.txt
alice in chains / godsmack 1.642.txt
alice in chains / godsmack 2.5813.gp4
alice in chains / got me wrong 1.643.txt
alice in chains / got me wrong 2.644.txt
alice in chains / got me wrong 3.5814.gp4
alice in chains / grind.645.txt
alice in chains / hate to feel.646.txt
alice in chains / head creeps.647.txt
alice in chains / heaven beside you 1.648.txt
alice in chains / heaven beside you 2.649.txt
alice in chains / i cant have you blues.650.txt
alice in chains / i cant remember.654.txt
alice in chains / i dont wana be a soldier.958.txt
alice in chains / i know somethin.959.txt
alice in chains / iron gland.960.txt
alice in chains / i stay away.961.txt
alice in chains / it aint like that.962.txt
alice in chains / junkhead.963.txt
alice in chains / killing yourself.965.txt
alice in chains / king of the kats.966.txt
alice in chains / love hate love.967.txt
alice in chains / lying season.968.txt
alice in chains / man in a box.969.txt
alice in chains / no excuses.970.txt
alice in chains / nothing song.971.txt
alice in chains / nutshell 1.972.txt
alice in chains / nutshell 2.615.txt
alice in chains / nutshell 3.616.txt
alice in chains / over now.973.txt
alice in chains / pu you down.974.txt
alice in chains / queen of the rodeo.975.txt
alice in chains / rain when i die.976.txt
alice in chains / real thing.977.txt
alice in chains / right turn.978.txt
alice in chains / rooster 1.979.txt
alice in chains / rooster 2.980.txt
alice in chains / rooster 3.981.txt
alice in chains / rooster 4.996.gp3
alice in chains / rotten apple.982.txt
alice in chains / sea of sorrow.983.txt
alice in chains / shame in you.984.txt
alice in chains / sickman.985.txt
alice in chains / sludge factory.986.txt
alice in chains / social parasite.987.txt
alice in chains / so close.988.txt
alice in chains /
alice in chains / swing on this.989.txt
alice in chains / the killer is me.964.txt
alice in chains / them bones.990.txt
alice in chains / whale and wasp.992.txt
alice in chains / what the hell have i.993.txt
alice in chains / who the fuck is alice.1726.txt
alice in chains / wie die young.991.txt
alice in chains / would 1.994.txt
alice in chains / would 2.995.txt

alien ant farm / movies.6605.txt
alien ant farm / smooth criminal 1.4021.txt
alien ant farm / smooth criminal 2.7208.gp4

allman brothers band / statesboro blues.3647.gp5

all that remains / and deadt in my arm.6462.gp4
all that remains / passion.6463.gp4
all that remains / regret not.6464.gp4
all that remains / the deepest gray.6465.gp4
all that remains / this darkened head.6466.gp4

alphaville / big in japan.5971.gp3
alphaville / forever young.5968.gp3

amy macdonald / this much is true.7500.txt

anastacia / sick and tired.794.txt

angels and airwaves / distraction.5952.gp3
angels and airwaves / it hurts.5953.gp3
angels and airwaves / the adventure.5099.txt
angels and airwaves / the war.5954.gp3

animals / boom boom.3553.txt

anna vissi / kanenas.5447.txt

anti nowhere league / we are the league.850.txt
anti nowhere league / woman.849.txt

arch enemy / beast of man 1.4906.gp4
arch enemy / beast of man 2.4907.gp3
arch enemy / bridge of destiny 1.4909.gp3
arch enemy / bridge of destiny 2.4910.gp4
arch enemy / burning angel 1.4911.gp3
arch enemy / burning angel 2.4912.gp4
arch enemy / bury me an angel.4913.gp4
arch enemy / carry the cross.4914.gp4
arch enemy / dark of the sun.4915.gp4
arch enemy / dead eyes see no future.4916.gp3
arch enemy / dead inside.4917.gp3
arch enemy / dehumanization.4918.gp4
arch enemy / diva satanica 1.4922.gp4
arch enemy / diva satanica 2.4923.gp4
arch enemy / end of the line.4924.gp4
arch enemy / enemy within 1.4926.gp3
arch enemy / enemy within 2.4927.gp4
arch enemy / enter the machine.4928.gp4
arch enemy / exist to exit.4929.gp4
arch enemy / hybrids of steel.4932.gp4
arch enemy / hydra.4933.gp3
arch enemy / i am legend.4934.gp4
arch enemy / immortal 1.5263.gp4
arch enemy / immortal 2.5264.gp3
arch enemy / instinct 1.5235.gp4
arch enemy / instinct 2.5236.gp4
arch enemy / leader of the rats.5237.gp4
arch enemy / marching on a dead end road.4319.gp3
arch enemy / my apokalypse.5238.gp4
arch enemy / nemesis.5239.gp4
arch enemy / pilgrim.5240.gp3
arch enemy / ravenous.5243.gp4
arch enemy / saints and sinners.5244.gp3
arch enemy / savage messiah 1.5245.gp4
arch enemy / savage messiah 2.5246.gp3
arch enemy / silent wars.5247.gp4
arch enemy / silverwing 1.5253.gp3
arch enemy / silverwing 2.5254.gp4
arch enemy / skeleton dance.5255.gp4
arch enemy / snow bound.5256.gp3
arch enemy / stigmata 1.5257.gp4
arch enemy / stigmata 2.5259.gp4
arch enemy / time capsule.5265.gp4
arch enemy / vox stellarum.5266.gp4
arch enemy / we will rise 1.5267.gp4
arch enemy / we will rise 2.5268.gp4

arctic monkeys / a certain romance.7125.txt
arctic monkeys / dancing shoes.3533.txt

asia / heat of the moment.5346.gp5

avril lavigne / complicated 1.761.txt
avril lavigne / complicated 2.6409.gp4
avril lavigne / dont tell me.6410.gp4
avril lavigne / fall to pieces.6411.gp4
avril lavigne / forgotten.6412.gp4
avril lavigne / freak out.6413.gp4
avril lavigne / he wasnt 1.816.txt
avril lavigne / he wasnt 2.6414.gp4
avril lavigne / im with you.6415.gp4
avril lavigne / losing grip.6416.gp4
avril lavigne / mobile.4053.txt
avril lavigne / my happy ending 1.861.txt
avril lavigne / my happy ending 2.862.txt
avril lavigne / my happy ending 3.6417.gp4
avril lavigne / my world.6418.gp3
avril lavigne / naked.6419.gp3
avril lavigne / nobody 1.815.txt
avril lavigne / nobody 2.6420.gp4
avril lavigne / sk8er boy 1.4097.txt
avril lavigne / sk8er boy 2.6421.gp3
avril lavigne / slipped away.6422.gp4
avril lavigne / things ill never say.6423.gp4
avril lavigne / together.6424.gp4
avril lavigne / tomorrow 1.1424.txt
avril lavigne / tomorrow 2.6425.gp4
avril lavigne / who knows.6426.gp4
avril lavigne / why.6427.gp4




bad religion / 1000 more fools.4886.gp4
bad religion / 21st century digital boy.4392.gp4
bad religion / all there is.5985.gp4
bad religion / along the way.4888.gp4
bad religion / american jesus.4889.gp4
bad religion / atheist peace.4945.gp4
bad religion / automatic man.5632.gp3
bad religion / a walk.4887.gp4
bad religion / big bang.5633.gp3
bad religion / billy.5634.gp3
bad religion / broken.4890.gp4
bad religion / cant stop it.4903.gp4
bad religion / cease.3642.txt
bad religion / change of ideas.4904.gp3
bad religion / do what you want.4905.gp3
bad religion / drunk sincerity 1.3643.txt
bad religion / drunk sincerity 2.4944.gp3
bad religion / evangeline.4394.gp4
bad religion / fertile crescent.4946.gp4
bad religion / fuck armagedon this is hell.4947.gp3
bad religion / generator 1.6866.txt
bad religion / generator 2.4943.gp4
bad religion / gods love.4338.gp4
bad religion / grains of wrath.7529.txt
bad religion / incomplete.4949.gp3
bad religion / individual.5986.gp3
bad religion / infected.5987.gp3
bad religion / it must look pretty appealing.4952.gp3
bad religion / i want to conquer the world.4948.gp4
bad religion / land of competition.4953.gp3
bad religion / latch key kids.4954.gp4
bad religion / leave mine to me.4955.gp3
bad religion / los angeles is burning 1.3520.txt
bad religion / los angeles is burning 2.4942.gp4
bad religion / modern man.4956.gp4
bad religion / new america.5988.gp3
bad religion / no control.4957.gp5
bad religion / no direction.4958.gp5
bad religion / no substance.4959.gp5
bad religion / operastion rescue.4960.gp4
bad religion / out of hands.4961.gp5
bad religion / pessimistic lines.4963.gp5
bad religion / progress.4964.gp5
bad religion / prove it.5635.gp4
bad religion / punk rock song 1.5955.txt
bad religion / punk rock song 2.5989.gp4
bad religion / raise your voice.4965.gp4
bad religion / sanity.4939.gp4
bad religion / shades of truth.4938.gp4
bad religion / shattered faith 1.3644.txt
bad religion / shattered faith 2.4937.gp4
bad religion / sinister rouge.4395.gp4
bad religion / the dodo.4966.gp5
bad religion / the handshake.4967.gp5
bad religion / them and us.4969.gp5
bad religion / the positive aspect.5990.gp4
bad religion / to another abyss.4936.gp4
bad religion / walk away.4970.gp5
bad religion / when.4971.gp5
bad religion / you.4972.gp5
bad religion / you and the government.4973.gp5

band aid 20 / do they know its christmas.5798.txt

bangles / eternal flame.753.txt

beatles / across the universe.1544.txt
beatles / act naturally 1.1050.txt
beatles / act naturally 2.4352.txt
beatles / a day in the life 1.1475.gp3
beatles / a day in the life 2.1543.txt
beatles / a hard days night.759.txt
beatles / aint she sweet.4356.txt
beatles / all ive got to do.1051.txt
beatles / all my loving 1.720.txt
beatles / all my loving 2.1684.gp3
beatles / all my loving 3.4362.txt
beatles / all things must pass.4363.txt
beatles / all together now.4364.txt
beatles / all you need is love.1557.txt
beatles / and i love her v1.1685.gp3
beatles / and i love her v2.4375.txt
beatles / and i love her v3.3422.txt
beatles / and your bird can sing.4376.txt
beatles / anna.4377.txt
beatles / another girl.4396.txt
beatles / any time at all.4417.txt
beatles / ask me why.4419.txt
beatles / a taste of honey.4349.txt
beatles / babys in black.4657.txt
beatles / baby you a rich man.4563.txt
beatles / back in the ussr.4758.txt
beatles / bad boy.4759.txt
beatles / because.4766.txt
beatles / being for the benifit of mr kite.4767.txt
beatles / besame mucho.4768.txt
beatles / birthday.4769.txt
beatles / blackbird.4793.txt
beatles / blue jay way.4794.txt
beatles / boys.4795.txt
beatles / cant buy me love.4833.txt
beatles / carry that weight.4834.txt
beatles / chains.4835.txt
beatles / christmas time.4837.txt
beatles / come and get it.4836.txt
beatles / come together 1.4841.txt
beatles / come together 2.1686.gp3
beatles / cry baby cry.4842.txt
beatles / day tripper 1.1687.gp3
beatles / day tripper 2.4843.txt
beatles / dear prudence.4853.txt
beatles / devil in her heart.4854.txt
beatles / dig a pony.4855.txt
beatles / dig it.4856.txt
beatles / dizzy miss lizzy.4858.txt
beatles / dont bother me.4864.txt
beatles / dont ever change.4865.txt
beatles / dont let me down 1.5871.txt
beatles / dont let me down 2.1819.gp3
beatles / do you want to know a secret 1.3419.txt
beatles / do you want to know a secret 2.4859.txt
beatles / drive my car.4874.txt
beatles / eight days a week 1.762.txt
beatles / eight days a week 2.4899.txt
beatles / eight days a week 3.1688.gp3
beatles / eleanor rigby 1.1689.gp3
beatles / eleanor rigby 2.1476.gp3
beatles / everybodys got something to hide.4902.txt
beatles / every little thing.4901.txt
beatles / fixing a hole.5031.txt
beatles / flying.5033.txt
beatles / for no one.5035.txt
beatles / free as a bird.5101.txt
beatles / from a window.5113.txt
beatles / from me to you.5127.txt
beatles / get back.5198.txt
beatles / getting better.5199.txt
beatles / girl.3423.txt
beatles / glass onion.5213.txt
beatles / golden slumbers.5314.txt
beatles / good day sunshine.5315.txt
beatles / good morning.5316.txt
beatles / good night.5317.txt
beatles / got to get you into my life.5325.txt
beatles / happiness is a warm gun.5339.txt
beatles / hello goodbye.5377.txt
beatles / help 1.763.txt
beatles / help 2.1288.gp4
beatles / here comes the sun.7475.gp5
beatles / here there and everywhere.3425.txt
beatles / her majesty.7474.gp5
beatles / hey jude.719.txt
beatles / i feel fine 1.821.txt
beatles / i feel fine 2.1693.gtp
beatles / if i feel.3426.txt
beatles / imagine.4128.txt
beatles / let it be 1.803.txt
beatles / let it be 2.1289.gp4
beatles / love me do.1052.txt
beatles / lucy in the sky with diamonds.6914.gp3
beatles / michelle 1.1692.gp3
beatles / michelle 2.3427.txt
beatles / money.4046.txt
beatles / savoy truffle.1053.txt
beatles / the ballad of john and yoko.4791.txt
beatles / the fool on the hill.5034.txt
beatles / the happy rishikesh song.5374.txt
beatles / ticket to ride.3442.txt
beatles / twist and shout.1291.gp3
beatles / while my guitar gently weeps.1477.gp3
beatles / yesterday 1.765.txt
beatles / yesterday 2.3334.txt
beatles / yesterday 3.3338.txt
beatles / yesterday 4.1292.gp3

beatsteaks / big attack.6443.gp4
beatsteaks / fragen.6444.gp4
beatsteaks / hand in hand.1812.gp4
beatsteaks / hello joe.6445.gp4
beatsteaks / i dont care as long as you sing.6446.gp4
beatsteaks / kings of metal.6447.gp4
beatsteaks / let me in.1813.gp4
beatsteaks / mirrored.6448.gp4
beatsteaks / shiny shoes.6449.gp4
beatsteaks / soothe me.6450.gp4
beatsteaks / summer.6451.gp4
beatsteaks / unminded.6452.gp4

beyonce / irreplaceable.5746.txt

bill haley and the comets / rock around the clock.4343.gp4

bill withers / aint no shunshine.3161.txt

billy talent / saint veronika.7824.txt

black sabbath / a hard road.3739.gp3
black sabbath / behind the wall of sleep.3742.gp3
black sabbath / black sabbath.6665.gp4
black sabbath / children of the grave.3743.gp3
black sabbath / electric funeral.3744.gp3
black sabbath / embryo.3745.gp3
black sabbath / faries wear boots.6670.gp3
black sabbath / fluff.3746.gp3
black sabbath / heaven and hell.3747.gp3
black sabbath / into the void.3748.gp3
black sabbath / iron man.1293.gp3
black sabbath / neon knights.3752.gp3
black sabbath / n i b.6672.gp3
black sabbath / paranoid 1.1294.gp4
black sabbath / paranoid 2.1605.gp3
black sabbath / rat salad.3755.gp3
black sabbath / snowblind.3757.gp3
black sabbath / st vitus dance.3758.gp3
black sabbath / supernaut.3759.gp3
black sabbath / too late.3762.gp3
black sabbath / war pigs.6667.gp3

blind guardian / bards song.6858.txt
blind guardian / lord of the rings.6864.gp3
blind guardian / skalds and shadows.6862.gp3
blind guardian / the bard song.6863.gp3
blind guardian / the wizard.6859.gp4
blink 182 / 13 miles.6093.gp3
blink 182 / 21 days.6094.gp4
blink 182 / action.6097.gp3
blink 182 / adams song 1.4845.txt
blink 182 / adams song 2.6098.gp3
blink 182 / a letter to elise.6095.gp4
blink 182 / aliens exist 1.6100.gp3
blink 182 / aliens exist 2.6101.gp3
blink 182 / aliens exist 3.6516.txt
blink 182 / all of this 1.5218.txt
blink 182 / all of this 2.6102.gp4
blink 182 / all the small things 1.754.txt
blink 182 / all the small things 2.5356.txt
blink 182 / all the small things 3.6103.gp3
blink 182 / all the small things 4.6240.txt
blink 182 / alone.6105.gp4
blink 182 / always 1.5224.txt
blink 182 / always 2.6106.gp3
blink 182 / a new hope.6096.gp3
blink 182 / another girl another planet.6107.gp4
blink 182 / anthem 1.6108.gp4
blink 182 / anthem 2.6109.gp4
blink 182 / anthem 3.6110.gp3
blink 182 / apple shampoo.6111.gp3
blink 182 / asthenia 1.5229.txt
blink 182 / asthenia 2.6112.gp4
blink 182 / ben wah balls.6113.gp3
blink 182 / blague.6114.gp3
blink 182 / blow job.3528.gp5
blink 182 / boring.6115.gp3
blink 182 / boys dont cry.6116.gp4
blink 182 / carousel 1.6119.gp3
blink 182 / carousel 2.6120.gp3
blink 182 / carousel 3.6517.txt
blink 182 / cause you have sex with the guys.6122.gp4
blink 182 / dammit 1.4846.txt
blink 182 / dammit 2.6123.gp4
blink 182 / degenerate.6133.gp3
blink 182 / dick lips.6124.gp3
blink 182 / dont leave me.6125.gp3
blink 182 / dont tell me that its over.6126.gp4
blink 182 / down.6127.gp4
blink 182 / drum.6128.gp3
blink 182 / dumpweed.6129.gp3
blink 182 / dysentery gary.6130.gp3
blink 182 / easy target 1.5223.txt
blink 182 / easy target 2.6134.gp4
blink 182 / emo.6131.gp3
blink 182 / enthused.6135.gp3
blink 182 / everytime i look for you.6136.gp3
blink 182 / family reunion.6132.gp3
blink 182 / feeling this 1.5225.txt
blink 182 / feeling this 2.6144.gp3
blink 182 / fentoozler.6145.gp3
blink 182 / first date 1.4847.txt
blink 182 / first date 2.6146.gp3
blink 182 / fuck a dog.6147.gp3
blink 182 / girl next door.6148.gp4
blink 182 / going away to college.6518.txt
blink 182 / im lost without you.5221.txt
blink 182 / josie.6519.txt
blink 182 / mutt.6694.gp5
blink 182 / not now.5227.txt
blink 182 / obvious.5226.txt
blink 182 / stay together for the kids.6521.txt
blink 182 / stockholm syndrome.5228.txt
blink 182 / the rock show.6520.txt
blink 182 / violence.5219.txt
blink 182 / whats my age again.4848.txt
blink 182 / what went wrong.6522.txt

blitz / someones gonna die.1437.gp4

blondie / atomic.5158.gp4
blondie / maria 1.718.txt
blondie / maria 2.5970.gp4
blondie / picture this.5159.gp4

bobby / monster mash.788.txt

bob dylan / absolutely sweet marie.1057.txt
bob dylan / all along the watchtower.2475.gtp
bob dylan / blowing in the wind 1.760.txt
bob dylan / blowing in the wind 2.3523.txt
bob dylan / desolation row.3383.txt
bob dylan / hurricane.2477.gp3
bob dylan / i shall be released.5879.txt
bob dylan / i want you.2484.gp4
bob dylan / knockin on heavens door.3286.txt
bob dylan / like a rolling stone.2479.gp3
bob dylan / mr tamburine man.2485.gp4
bob dylan / sara.3385.txt
bob dylan / shelter from storm.3384.txt
bob dylan / subterranean homesick blues.2487.gp4
bob dylan / tangled up in blue.2483.gp3

bob marley / could you be loved.7056.gp3
bob marley / no woman no cry 1.1752.gp3
bob marley / no woman no cry 2.1351.gp3
bob marley / redemption song.7054.gp3
bob marley / sun is shining 1.7055.gp4
bob marley / sun is shining 2.7093.gp3

bob sinclair / love generation.3552.txt

body count / body count.5972.gp4
body count / born dead.5973.gp3
body count / necessary evil.5589.gp3
body count / there goes the neighborhood.5975.gp3
body count / the winner loses.5974.gp3
body count / violent demise.5592.gp4

bon iver / re stacks.7381.txt
bon jovi / 99 in the shade.5976.gp4
bon jovi / all about loving you.5977.gp4
bon jovi / all i want is everything.5978.gp4
bon jovi / always 1.3139.txt
bon jovi / always 2.4051.txt
bon jovi / bad medicine.6514.txt
bon jovi / bed of roses 1.4849.txt
bon jovi / bed of roses 2.7934.txt
bon jovi / have a nice day.6508.txt
bon jovi / if i was your mother.1704.gp3
bon jovi / ill be there for you.6509.txt
bon jovi / its my life.6510.txt
bon jovi / keep the faith.1705.gp3
bon jovi / livin on a prayer 1.1706.gp3
bon jovi / livin on a prayer 2.6511.txt
bon jovi / livin on a prayer 3.6393.gp4
bon jovi / runaway 1.1707.gp3
bon jovi / runaway 2.6512.txt
bon jovi / wanted dead or alive.6513.txt
bon jovi / you give love a bad name.6515.txt

boston / hitch a ride.4407.gp5

boston / more than feeling.1606.gp3

bouncing souls / hopeless romantic.6297.gp4
bouncing souls / kids and heroes.6298.gp4
bouncing souls / manthem.6300.gp3
bouncing souls / true belivers.6301.gp4

bruce springsteen / devils dust.4579.gp4
bruce springsteen / reno.4576.gp4
bruce springsteen / the hitter.4583.gp4
bruce springsteen / youre missing.4586.gp4

bryan adams / 18 til i die.4146.gp4
bryan adams / back to you.4991.gp3
bryan adams / everything i do 1.6523.gp3
bryan adams / everything i do 2.722.txt
bryan adams / heat of the night.5162.gp5
bryan adams / heaven.5163.gp4
bryan adams / ill always br right there.5164.gp5
bryan adams / its only love.5165.gp4
bryan adams / kids wana rock.5166.gp5
bryan adams / please forgive me.5167.gp5
bryan adams / run to you.1574.gtp
bryan adams / somebody.5168.gp5
bryan adams / summer of 69.767.txt

buddy holly / its so easy.5336.txt

buffalo springfield / for what its worth.6428.gp3




cake / i will survive.2697.gp3

cardigans the / carnival.6432.gp3
cardigans the / communication.6433.gp4
cardigans the / emmerdale.6434.gp4
cardigans the / erase and rewind.6435.gp4
cardigans the / hanging around.6436.gp4
cardigans the / laika.6437.gp4
cardigans the / love fool.6438.gp4
cardigans the / my favourita game.6439.gp4
cardigans the / sick and tired.6440.gp3
cardigans the / youre the storm.6442.gp4
cardigans the / your new cuckoo.6441.gp4

carlos santana / afica bamba.6539.gp4
carlos santana / black magic woman.6534.gp4
carlos santana / corazon espinado.6535.gp3
carlos santana / europa.6536.gp3
carlos santana / put your lights on.5716.gp3
carlos santana / samba pa ti.6541.gp4
carlos santana / smooth.6537.gp4
carlos santana / the calling.6540.gp4
carlos santana / why dont you and i.4416.gp4

carpenters the / close to you.2705.gp4
carpenters the / goodbye to love.2706.gp4
carpenters the / rainy days and mondays.2707.gp4

cars the / just what i needed.2708.gp3
cars the / my best friends girl.2709.gp3

casualties / casualties army.1295.gp4
casualties / on the front line.1296.gp4
casualties / sounds from streets.1297.gp4
casualties / unknown soldier.1298.gp4
casualties / up the punk.1299.gp4

cat stevens / another saturday night.3173.txt
cat stevens / morning has broken.3171.txt
cat stevens / wild word.5208.gp5

celine dion / my heart will go on.5919.gp3

charlotte perrelli / take me to your heaven.6561.txt

chet atkins / yakety axe.3446.gp3

children of bodom / needled.3537.gp3

chris daughtry / over you.7532.txt

chuck berry / no particular place to go.1604.gtp
chuck berry / roll over beethoven.1603.gp3

chumbawamba / i get knocked down.7700.txt
chumbawamba / tubthumbing.1708.gtp

cky / 96 quite bitter beings.817.txt

clash / i fought the law.1301.gp3
clash / shoud i stay or should i go 1.851.txt
clash / shoud i stay or should i go 2.1303.gp3

claudio baglioni / questo piccollo grande amore.7620.txt

clint eastwood / claudias theme.4572.gp4

cockney rejects / oi oi oi.1305.gp4

cock sparrer / watch your back.1304.gp4
cock sparrer / we know how to live.852.txt

coldplay / clocks.6734.gp3
coldplay / god put a smile upon your face.7024.gp4
coldplay / shiver.6736.gp3
coldplay / the scientist.6735.gp3

connels / 74 75.1709.gtp

country joe and the fish / fixin to die rag.3738.txt

crannbaries / animal instinct.5614.gp4
crannbaries / away.5615.gp3
crannbaries / desperate andy.5616.gp3
crannbaries / disappointment.5617.gp3
crannbaries / dreams.1565.gtp
crannbaries / dying in the sun.5618.gp3
crannbaries / electric blue.5619.gp3
crannbaries / forewer yellow skies.5622.gp3
crannbaries / free to decide.5623.gp3
crannbaries / how.5624.gp3
crannbaries / i cant be with you.5625.gp3
crannbaries / i dont need.5626.gp3
crannbaries / i just shot john lennon.5627.gp3
crannbaries / i still do.5628.gp3
crannbaries / i will always.5629.gp3
crannbaries / zombie 1.3485.txt
crannbaries / zombie 2.6655.gp3

crass / banned from the roxy.1306.gp4

cream / layla.7012.gp3
cream / sunshine of your life.1558.gp4
cream / white room.1454.gp4

creed / beautiful.5452.gp3
creed / bullets 1.5454.gp3
creed / bullets 2.5455.gp4
creed / faceless man.5458.gp3
creed / freedom fighter.5462.gp3
creed / higher 1.5466.gp3
creed / higher 2.5465.gp4
creed / illusion.5467.gp3
creed / in america.5468.gp3
creed / lullaby 1.5472.gp3
creed / lullaby 2.5473.gp4
creed / my own prison 1.5474.gp3
creed / my own prison 2.5475.gp3
creed / my sacrifice 1.5487.gp3
creed / my sacrifice 2.5492.gp3
creed / never die.5494.gp4
creed / ode 1.5497.gp4
creed / ode 2.5496.gp3
creed / one.5498.gp3
creed / one last breath.5506.gp3
creed / pity for a dime.5508.gp3
creed / say i 1.5509.gp3
creed / say i 2.5511.gp4
creed / signs 1.5512.gp3
creed / signs 2.5513.gp4
creed / sister v1.5514.gp3
creed / sister v2.5515.gp4
creed / stand here with me 1.5518.gp3
creed / stand here with me 2.5517.gp3
creed / torn.5521.gp4
creed / to whom it may concern.5519.gp3
creed / unforgiven.5522.gp3
creed / weathered 1.5524.gp3
creed / weathered 2.5525.gp4
creed / what if 1.5527.gp4
creed / what if 2.5529.gp3
creed / wrong way.5536.gp3
creed / young grow old 1.5537.gp4
creed / young grow old 2.5538.gp4

creedence clearwater revival / bad moon rising 1.1262.gp4
creedence clearwater revival / bad moon rising 2.4291.gp3
creedence clearwater revival / born on a bayou.4292.gp3
creedence clearwater revival / down on the corner.4294.gp4
creedence clearwater revival / fortunate song.4295.gp3
creedence clearwater revival / green river.4296.gp3
creedence clearwater revival / have you ever seen the rain.4297.gp3
creedence clearwater revival / hey tonight.1263.gp4
creedence clearwater revival / i heard it trough the grapevine.4298.gp4
creedence clearwater revival / i put a spell on you.1455.gp4
creedence clearwater revival / it came out of the sky.4299.gp4
creedence clearwater revival / proud mary.4303.gp3
creedence clearwater revival / ramble tamble.4304.gp4
creedence clearwater revival / run trough the jungle.4305.gp3
creedence clearwater revival / someday never comes.4306.gp3
creedence clearwater revival / susie q.4307.gp4
creedence clearwater revival / sweet hitch hiker.4308.gp4
creedence clearwater revival / travelin band.4311.gp4
creedence clearwater revival / up around the band.4309.gp3

cure the / friday im in love.3487.txt
cure the / just like heaven 1.3465.gp5
cure the / just like heaven 2.3466.gp5
cure the / just like heaven 3.3486.txt



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